Brake Motors


Options make motors suitable for either onshore or offshore duties

Engineered to give high performance with maximum efficiency

Reliability & durability ensured through total control over component supply chains


Extensive configuration options match motors to applications

The harsher the working environment the greater the demand on engineering standards, and non-standard then becomes the norm. Custom-design and engineering fulfil this need to give the reliability and performance demanded.

The Lafert Brake Motor series is engineered according to the client's specification. Total control over all aspects of production permits multiple design options including flanges, shafts, brakes plus optimum resistance to external agents and hostile environments for paints, seals, and magnet surfaces.

The result is a range of AC motors produced entirely in-house which incorporates Lafert’s own technical solutions for achieving high efficiency and performance, combined with the option for application-specific customization.

AMS SERIES - Low torque, DC Brake: fitted with a DC brake with a single braking surface and low torque (Mf ≤Mn). Due to the fact that it is a low torque DC brake, it offers quiet and gentle progressive braking, allowing it to brake large masses safely and slowly. When stopped it makes an ideal parking brake.

The brake has a fixed braking torque and uses its cast iron fan as part of the brake, this allows the motor to be only slightly longer than a motor without brake enabling it to be fitted on machinery without modification.

Typical Applications


Machine Tools
Woodworking Machines
Food Processing Machines




Cranes & Hoists


- Frame sizes: 63 to 160

- Power: 0.12 to 22kW

- Poles: 2, 4, 6, 8 (double speed on request)

- Insulation class F

- Protection class IP54 (IP55 on request)

- Efficiency level IE1 or IE2

- Braking torque: 3 to 30Nm

- Power supply with rectifier (via the terminal board): 230V 50/60Hz


Spring-applied electromagnetic brake without power supply with fixed braking torque

- Single braking surface, manufactured with friction materials without asbestos


- cURus certification (cURus Energy efficiency class on request)

- Other power supply with rectifier (via the terminal board)

- Rectifiers for fast braking and release

- Execution with increased torque (+50% of catalogue value)

- Shaft ends (both LC and LOC) in stainless steel

- Wide range of special executions (encoder, axial servo-ventilation, brake hand release lever,..)

- Wide range of surface painting et finish