IP69k 3 Phase

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Motors used in food production areas – especially “wet” areas that are hosed down regularly – pose a true problem. Typically, at the end of a shift, the machines are turned off and then cleaned with high pressure cleaner using a caustic solution. This is great for cleaning machinery, but poses a constant potential problem with electric motors. Water entering a motor will inevitably lead to failure – and downtime.


The importance of hygiene has become more critical everyday. The worst event a food company can have is a recall of food product due to foreign object being found in packaged food. The damage & loss is enormous. There is a loss of respect in the market place, a potential loss of sales, a loss of revenue from recalled items & a loss in the disposal of suspect products. With health inspections it is vital a machine is perfectly clean.

Tema stainless steel motors are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme conditions with high or low temperatures, high humidity, steam, water etc. These motors are IP69k rated

The Tema Stainless motors are a unique design which excludes the use of thru bolts or endshield screws which means the outer surface of the motor is completely smooth which allows the motor to be easily cleaned.

The Tema motor is designed to IEC standards and is interchangeable with any other metric motor. They range from .18kw in a 63 frame to 30.0kW in a 200 frame. Motors can be B3, B5, and B14 or easily converted to B35 or B34. All the flanges are a slip-on design, so a motor can be converted to flange mounting without affecting the integrity of the sealing of the motor.

The motors can be supplied EFF1, EFF2 and Premium Efficiency. All tested to requirements of IEC60034.2.1 2007 METHOD A. The Tema motors have also received CSA approvals and have been certified under USA PREMIUM EFFICIENCY approval number 256691.

The motors can be supplied TENV (totally enclosed, non-ventilated) construction with no fan or fan cowl, TEFC (totally enclosed, fan cooled) or with shaft and flange dimensions to SEW specifications in 71 frame and 80 frame.