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2 speed electric motors

Lafert Two Speed Electric Motors

Two speed motors allow adjustment of the power consumed according to the needs of the application. This permits significant energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions by lowering motor speeds to minimise power consumption.

Lafert offers a full range of two speed motors up to 160 frame size. Two speed motors can be wound for constant torque or variable torque (quadratic torque)

AM/AMV SERIES – Pole change:

Also referred to as Dahlander is a two speed motor that offers a 1:2 speed switching (example 2/4, 4/8 etc.). There are two types of internal connection of the winding: star connection or delta connection. These motors are designed for a direct mains start-up and are of single-voltage.

AM/AMV SERIES – Two windings:

Two speed motors with switching ratio other than 1:2, (example 4/6, 6/8 etc.) these are wound with two separate windings.

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